Australian Student Visa and International Scholarships

What are Australian scholarships?

Australian scholarships are not university scholarships but are for students applying to study in Australia.

They are a gateway to funding opportunities from the Australian Government to study, including a maximum of $15,000 for a postgraduate research visa.

Australian scholarships are often only open to non-resident students in the same field as the scholarship would be awarded in.

Australian scholarships are usually arranged as a one-time payment of money or, in certain cases, an offer of a specific job opportunity.

The ASIO scholarship is managed by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and does not come with job opportunities attached.

How can I apply for Australian scholarships?

Before you begin applying, you need to do your research. You can find more details on how to apply for a scholarship by clicking here.

Australian Education Abroad: Apply to Study Abroad Today

Check our scholarship finder for more scholarships.

How can I pay for my education in Australia?

If you’ve applied for a scholarship, you may need to pay for your education in Australia. Your Australian university has charged you a contribution (usually around $2500) as an international student. You may also be required to pay your course fee and a loan.

When you start studying in Australia, you will need to register with your bank and open a business or personal account. They will look after all of your transactions and payments for you, although you will need to keep some documentation.

How do I know which award is best for me?

Check the awarding agencies by clicking the links below to view more information about each, including application deadlines and tuition fees:

Australia Council for International Education

Australian High Commission in Sri Lanka

Australian Government

Australian Institute of International Education

Australian National University

Harvard Education Abroad

Collaborative Overseas Student Travel Scheme (COAST)

Institute of International Education

Integrated Visiting Programmes (IVP)

Melbourne International College

Melbourne School of Languages

McGill University

Manipal University

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Oxford University

Pacific Asia College of Education

Residence and Degree Choice

US visa specialists are also a great resource.

Who can apply for an Australian scholarship? 

Your goals in studying in Australia may include starting a career in Australia, studying medicine, or starting a business. Some examples of your dreams might be:

» To start a career as an engineer.

» To study medicine

» To become a professional in a specific field.

» To start a business and create your own business.

» To further your education in a specialized subject.

» To study music

» To study law or politics.

» To become a student in an international school.

» To become a citizen of a country in which the country was once colonized.

» To learn a new language.

Many scholarships are awarded to anyone. All students wanting to study in Australia can apply for a scholarship, but some requirements apply.


The Australian Scholarships

1.1 Australian Masters by Research or Ph.D. by Research Degree

The Australian Scholarships are available for Australian students that have already completed a master’s or Ph.D. and wish to undertake a research degree or research project in Australia. Scholarships are available to a student from any country with a clear agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) or a similar university in Australia.

1.2 Australian Ph.D. by Research Degree

The Australian Scholarships are available for Australian students that have already completed a doctoral or Master’s research degree and wish to undertake a Ph.D. or research project in Australia.

How to Apply

The applications should be sent to IPRS’s domestic and international branches and include a brief statement of research interests.

Alternatively, applicants can apply online using the submission forms provided on the IPRS website.

An independent assessment committee will evaluate the applications based on the nature and relevance of the research interests, financial needs, the applicant’s existing knowledge of Australian institutions and research processes, the applicant’s ability to undertake and submit the appropriate application documentation, evidence of postgraduate training and proof of the research to be conducted.


Benefits and Drawbacks

The program is a great opportunity for people who want to pursue their career in a technical field. In addition, the courses for the program are highly respected by universities.

While the courses are usually taken over two years, the Postgraduate Research Entrance Program allows students to drop out of the program after one year if they wish.

The Australian government’s Sustainability Program provides an annual scholarship to students who enroll in undergraduate or graduate studies in sustainable engineering or related fields. This program also offers money to children whose parents are scholars.

The program aims to encourage students to achieve to benefit their communities and the environment but does not make it mandatory for students to complete the whole program.


When considering some international study destinations, Australia is a well-renowned choice.

After speaking to university representatives, studying in Australia is sure to appeal to many students seeking an affordable alternative for their education.